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Over 75 years since it’s inception, Marshall Batteries and Marshall Matt still have a very high level of awareness as the best known, and most widely recognised retail battery brand in Australia and New Zealand.  Many people still vividly recall the television commercials  that appeared more than 20 years ago and instinctively “Holler for a Marshall” but times have changed and we now need to be able to service vehicles with increasingly sophisticated automotive electrical systems.

A substantial investment has been made to strengthen our position at the forefront of roadside battery servicing and to reinforce the reputation we’ve established, which is based on the winning combination of expert service and great value.

Our new enhanced network features van technicians and retail city stores covering major capital cities, as well as regional  dealers that service our outer areas-supported by the very latest systems technology, state of art equipment and national customer centre.


Batteries are the major cause of vehicle breakdowns, so don’t get stuck in a Sticky Situation. Have Marshall Batteries test or replace your battery today. We will even organise safe recycling of your old battery from our roadside assistance service or at your Marshall store.

Visit us or contact our team for emergency mobile car battery replacement and we will come to you fast. We offer installation and replacement of your car battery in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Dunedin, and Christchurch and the full breadth of New Zealand. From Northland to Invercargill we come to you day or night for Battery Roadside Assistance.

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